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Two Sparrows Media is proud to present Standing Tall: Vancouver Stories During the 2020 Pandemic

This series features the people of Vancouver and how they are coping through the COVID-19 pandemic by finding inspiration, motivation and a way to maintain strong mental health.

Standing Tall, Episode 1
Phase 2: Laughter is the Best Medicine

Meet Jacques Lalonde, an award-winning actor, writer and Vancouver comedian who is also a stroke survivor.  Before the pandemic, Jacques was busy performing.   He recently did a TED Talk on the healing power of creativity.  Jacques talks about these creative tools, and how we can be inspired, and motivated during and after the pandemic. You can find Jacques Lalonde here: www.creativejacques.ca

Standing Tall, Episode 2
Phase 2: The Heart I Sent to You

Meet Tim Readman, a musician and producer based out of Vancouver.  Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Tim was preparing to play dates in the UK and Europe.  As the pandemic continued he worked alone in his home studio, where he found inspiration by going back to the foundation of his musical life; playing his guitar. You can find Tim Readman here: www.timreadman.com

Standing Tall, Episode 3
Phase 3: Breathe

Meet Capri Everitt, a Canadian singer, Granville Island Busker, children’s activist and Guinness World Record for “most national anthems sung in their host countries in one year”.  In this episode, Capri shares how the pandemic became a creative outlet for her and her music. You can find Capri Everitt here: www.caprieveritt.ca

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